Love Wizard

"The Arena Rock Spectacular"

The greatest hits of Rock n Roll 70’s-today!!!

This group of popular and professional musicians out of Atlanta, GA boasts an impressive collective résumé.
They have performed in regional, national and international acts, such as Rumors ATL (Fleetwood Mac),
Tom Petty tribute The Mad Hatters (featuring members of The Georgia Satellites), Slippery When Wet (Bon Jovi) featured on “Jimmy Fallon’s Clash of the Cover Bands”, Freebird -ATL (Lynyrd Skynyrd) and working and recording with the Yacht Rock Revue. 
Their sole purpose is to be the excellence of entertainment!

Their set list of cover songs is perfect for targeting large audiences of Rock n Roll fans that range from teenagers to seniors. There’s something for everyone! 
Our job is to give the people more than their monies worth and keep them coming back again and again!
If you’re into high quality entertainment and making nostalgic memories with the music you love WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED! ⚡️⚡️⚡️


It takes a group of very talented and driven individuals to achieve this on the highest level.

Front man Chris Howard has the incredible vocal versatility to deliver each song with authenticity and his stage performances have been compared to the likes of David Lee Roth and ELVIS!

Lead Guitarist Brandon Barker Aka  “The Lightning Kid”
has an undeniable energy that excites audiences everywhere while he perfectly executes every riff and solo like the guitar gods themselves!

Bassist Jimmi Botsford has toured all over the world with popular acts and specializes in keeping crowds moving with his infectious low end groove!

Drummer Chris Moore fills out the rhythm section with the perfect timing big beats that will make you shake what your mama gave ya!

And Keyboardist Jimmy Graft has performed in some of the largest tribute acts on our list and has the amazing ability to go from Mozart to Jerry Lee Lewis in a flash!

When these 5 rockstars come together on the stage they create an amazing atmosphere of electric excitement!

Chris Howard


Jimmi Botsford


Jimmy Graft


Chris Moore


Brandon Barker